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Image by Thais Cordeiro

Larry Campbell, Intuitive Energy Healer


Energy Healing Sessions with Larry Campbell

As an Intuitive he is guided through Spirit to see, feel or just know information pertinent to you, using physical and emotional feelings ‘Empath’.


Larry has an advanced background working with your Sacred Templates, Sacred Geometry, Soul History and Akashic Records.  He detects and sees where the stuck energy is in your templates which causes anxiety, emotional outbursts, emotional body, physical body, spiritual & mental bodies.

Copper Sacred Geometry Healing Tools

These copper sacred geometry healing tools are channeled through the Pleadiens of Sacred Geometries  to calebrate the physical body and the light body.  Your Divine Blueprint will automatically align to these energies.  Copper amplifies the flow of life energy within the body, and in doing so it also smooths the thoughts, emotions, and energies.  Copper is capable of  grounding and balancing us.

You can watch Larry's Youtube videos to show you how to use these sacred healing tools.


Read the testimonials from Larry's happy clients.

"Larry’s work is purely from the heart transcending traditional healing practices, taking your vibrations to new heights.  Each and every session is uniquely yours, assisting you through your moments needs, mind body and soul."  


~ Natalie P., Sackville, NS



Larry began receiving visions of beautiful sacred designs, shapes and soon came to understand that they were templates and sacred spiritual tools to assist us with our expansion and spiritual expression.  The Guides that Larry works with have named themselves as the Lords of Light and provide Larry with specific guidance and steps in how to build the sacred technology templates. 

Image by Osama Elsayed


My healing with Larry exceeded my expectations. He was able to locate the source of my blocks stemming from past lives so I could release them. He took me on a journey with his guides, which was a wonderful experience.

Michele, Victoria, Australia

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