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About Larry

Larry has experienced vivid psychic experiences from early childhood. Since the early 2000′s, he has been researching auras and energy fields, as well as stored and transmitted energy.  

Larry has an advanced background working with your Sacred Templates, Sacred Geometry, Soul History and Akashic Records.  He detects and sees where the stuck energy is in your templates which causes anxiety, emotional outbursts, emotional body, physical body, spiritual & mental bodies.

He  works with the Master of the Templates and the Lords of Light to see where the energies are at on a scale of 1 to 100.  One meaning heavily compromised with lower energies and 100 meaning you are in your pristine state.  The goal is to get you and in sync with your pristine spirit.


From as early as 3 years old, Larry was gifted with psychic visions, knowings and the ability to read energy. The most vivid memory that he still has was how it seemed very odd that none of the adults seemed to get along with each other and at the tender age of 3 he did not want to be here.


In 1967, when Larry was only 10, a UFO crashed near Shelburn, Nova Scotia. When this happened, Larry began to explain to his father that the beings in the UFO were here to help humanity.  He talked about advances in technology that he did not understand, and we were going to get help with respect to health and wellbeing. This not only shocked his father, but also caused great concern for Larry’s safety as in those days, they would have you committed to a psych hospital if you were talking about UFO’s and the beings that resided within them.

Click here for details of Shag Harbour UFO incident.

It was not until Larry’s adult years that he really started to open up Spiritually and Intuitively.

Many years ago, Larry had a reading with a psychic teacher and was guided to read the book Ancient Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizidek which further activated his cellular memory and interest in sacred geometry.

​Larry began receiving visions of beautiful sacred designs, shapes and soon came to understand that they were templates and sacred spiritual tools to assist us with our expansion and spiritual expression.  The Guides that Larry works with have named themselves as the Lords of Light and provide Larry with specific guidance and steps in how to build the sacred technology templates. 


After Larry created the first template, two weeks later he saw the exact same template carved in the stone of a temple in Egypt where there was speculation that Jesus taught in that temple.  This was on a TV show which provided incredible confirmation of his both his abilities and to trust the guidance he was being given. 


As Larry continued to create these tools, he noticed that they began to assist his clients with some of their aches and pains. Simple health challenges would go away after using the tools as Larry was guided to instruct his clients.

In the summer of 2020 Larry was introduced and guided to explore how to activate and open his Heart and took a course with Elevate Me Hub.  With his Heart activated fully, the technology that he is now bringing through is very advanced as it supports the new Divine Superhuman Template.  This technology illustrated on the left is an example of this new High Ancient Technology that is now coming through him for specific individuals.

To learn more about how Larry has been assisting his clients, please visit Testimonials.


You must be over 18 years of age to book an appointment.  Please remember I do not give financial, legal or medical advice as I am not certified to do so. Seek the advice of your financial advisor, attorney or physician for professional help. Finally, how you use, or do not use, the advice given is completely your own responsibility.

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