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Happy Clients Sharing their Extraordinary Experiences with Larry's Healing

"Exceeding Expectations"

"My healing with Larry exceeded my expectations.

He was able to locate the source of my blocks stemming from past lives so I could release them. 

He took me on a journey with his guides, which was a wonderful experience.


I received validating information about the healing gifts I am able to bring forth. After the healing, 

I felt truly amazing and had a very restful sleep. I have woken this morning feeling refreshed, lighter and ready to bring forth my gifts. 

Thank you so much Larry."

~Michele, Victoria, Australia

Image by Pedro Lastra
Image by Kace  Rodriguez

"Incredible Healing"

"Larry, I would like to share my deep gratitude for the incredible healing you gave me last night.   

​During our 20 minute call, I actually witnessed the miracle of an exploding migraine gently receding, nausea along with it.  Perhaps you have to be a migraine sufferer to appreciate the miracle of that! Lol. More, I learned how to prevent any recurrence. I love the way you brought me along during the session, allowing me to choose to release all resistance while surrendering to Love.

Thank you for You!"

Best wishes,


"Amazing Healing"

"I have had many wonderful and amazing healing sessions with Larry.  He goes into a zone where he chants and channels information and just allows it to flow.  I love sitting in the pyramid while receiving a session, feeling much lighter and full of energy when finished.  Larry allows the energy to come in and do its thing, filling me with more light and helping me to connect to my purpose for the sessions."

~Karen  D., Halifax, NS

Image by Stephen Leonardi
Image by Johannes Plenio

"Purely from the Heart"

"Larry’s work is purely from the heart transcending traditional healing practices, taking your vibrations to new heights.  Each and every session is uniquely yours, assisting you through your moments needs, mind body and soul."

Natalie P. , Sackville, NS

"Still in Awe"

"I can’t say enough because I am still in awe.  Larry is a real person……..honest…….truthful………and extremely gifted.  He is a true blessing and you can only benefit.  In all honesty, I was a bit skeptical.  I had heard of “distant” healing, readings, etc., but never really quite believed it. Then along came Mr. Campbell and his “win a distant healing” and he chose my name!!

When I was able to find some “quiet” time, I called Larry and he told me what to do, when he was going to start and that he would call me when he was done.  So, it started.

The healing began at around 9 pm. I went into our spare room so I could have a quiet place to just sit…… thing I knew I was in my bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, back into the spare room, into the living room……no matter what I did I could not sit still or concentrate…… was as if my brain was in a tornado of minuscule thought process and could not decide what or where to be? Larry called me about 9:30 and asked if I felt anything or felt different……right at that exact moment I couldn’t think of anything so we continued to talk.  I told him about not being able to just sit quietly while he did the healing and it was about 10 minutes into the conversation when it all started………. I started to feel slightly ill and then my neck began to hurt and then my head.  He said that I was given a big “attunement” and that this was expected.  Well, that was the end of our conversation and it was good night Mr. Campbell…….thank you.

Approximately,  3 am the next morning I woke up with my head spinning to the point I thought I was going to be sick but it wasn’t the normal “I drank too much spinning”, it was as if my whole body was spinning?  I managed to fall back to sleep and when I woke in the morning it was no better.  I got up, hanging onto walls making my way to my computer and I messaged Larry telling him what was happening.  As I said, this spinning was like nothing I had ever experienced…… was my whole body……not just my head.  Larry called me immediately and as he was talking to me he said that he was going to ask the ancients to “tone down”.  It was less than two minutes and all of a sudden it stopped………..immediately stopped!

Since my “tuning” I have had more vivid, message meant dreams, I feel more confident about my abilities and what I am to do with my life right at this time.  Yes, I still have my moments of uncertainty especially when the “ego” comes in but, I can now tell ego to step aside. I am an Intuitive………I am a healer…….. I’m still learning and Larry is helping with that.

I can’t say enough…… I no longer am skeptic……….Thank you “Mr. Campbell”!!"

~Kathryn D.,  Burford, Ontario

Image by Nagy Arnold
Image by Tim Patch

"Natural Born Healer"

"Larry Campbell is a natural born healer who I met for the first time after returning to Antigonish in the fall of 2010.  My husband and I had opened a wellness center and one day Larry walked in and introduced himself, saying his guides had sent him. When I asked why they had sent him he said, “I don’t know, I think I need a healing.”  Well, that may have been true, however, in hindsight, I think Larry was sent to make contact with us so that he could offer healing sessions from our center – of which I have been a very grateful recipient.

Larry has done healing work at our center monthly or bimonthly since 2011 and has a devoted clientele.  His healings are sensitive and relational. In other words, they are specific to each person’s individual needs and developmental level at the time of each session. His healings are noninvasive, unique and divinely guided: addressing the soul /spirit as well as the physical body.  His guides have an Egyptian essence which is reflected in the name of his business (messagesfromtheancients) and in the handmade copper, geometric shapes that he is guided to create and then use in his treatments. I find his sessions have a shamanic feel to them, especially when he uses toning, chanting or breathwork.

I find it difficult to articulate what occurs during Larry’s sessions; however, I distinctly remember how I felt before and after my last one.  Before the healing I was feeling very tired, negative and heavy. I wasn’t sleeping well, finding it difficult to settle before 2 am (which is a distinct disadvantage if you have to get up between 6 and 8 am most days).  Well, after the session I immediately felt lighter, positive, and less tired.  Furthermore, the quality of my sleep improved.

So, I encourage you to try one of Larry’s healing sessions. You might find, as I do, that they are of great benefit."

~ Rosemary Overzet, Overzet Wellness Center, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

"Unique and Enlightening Experience"

"Wow! Working with Larry is a unique and enlightening experience. The Vibrations vary throughout the session…from copper tools/structures, chanting, to gentle energy flowing. You can feel the love and connection as soon as you sit down with Larry. He works from a place of truth and always in the highest and best interest of all involved. I leave the session feeling balanced, relaxed and full of life! Physically I have felt instant improvements in scar tissue healing & tension release. Thank you Larry for following this path and bringing light and information on to the Earth."

~M. Hutt

Image by Johny Goerend
Image by Jack B

"I woke up the next day feeling fantastic"

"I was suffering with digestive candida and feeling very uncomfortable. I asked Larry what the emotional foundation was and he did some work, seeing it being pulled out of me. He then told me that it went all the way back to Atlantis (at least my suffering was clearing out some old stuff!!) because of eating tainted food. Not only was that fascinating but my candida was gone! I woke up the next day feeling fantastic – no bloating at all! I am thrilled. Thank you Larry for being such a gift with your unique healing methods and for allowing Spirit to flow through you."

~ Rashana

"Profound Healing"

"Larry has been a friend of mine in a past lifetime in Egypt. What u c he is doing with the copper and symbols is exactly what he is doing in this lifetime. Raising the vibration to all mankind plus….

Other things I didn’t realized he did.  The thing I was stunned at was the PROFOUND healing he did.

I personally can say I felt my whole body shift immediately.  I’ve grown up with healing all my life but what I received was profound."


Image by Hassan OUAJBIR
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